Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Monday, 12 September 2005
While I know this is nothing new to those of you who visit the site and also attend Michigan State (which is damn near all of you), I thought the rest of you should know that my dorm's internet was non-functional this weekend.  Due to that I haven't been able to get up on the site and post a thing or two that I wanted to, including the hexagon awards and changing Webcomic Tournament 2005 to the next set of comics. I might get to those tonight I might not.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Sunday, 04 September 2005
I attempted to render some really cool changes to the site today, but for some damn reason they didn't work.  What you see is what I've managed to get back from that.  You'll notice that we didn't really lose anything, it just stopped being on the front page. Hopefully in the coming days I'll be able to impliment what I wanted to do. I will release a list of changes when that happens.

Sorry if this causes an inconveience.

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