I <3 Orange Box
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Thursday, 29 November 2007
Every Half-Life 2 ep ever, an insanely fun and addictive (and well written) puzzle game, and a real accessable and fun team-based FPS for $50.  I really didn't expect to love The Orange Box as much as I am, but it is truely fun.  Portal and HL2:ep2 are now over, and yet steam is still running so I can play more TF2 (you can even check my stats if you want to see how much I suck ^^;).  Now I just need to overcome my Counter-strike era fear of voice-chatting with Valve multiplayers and I think I can really get into it and contribute.

If you're looking for a fun shooter this christmas and you don't have the computer for Gears of War PC or Crysis, hell even if you do, you can't go wrong with The Orange box.  Just wanna get that out there.

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Challenge 35: Pocket Full of Stars
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Tuesday, 27 November 2007
We haven't been to Orisinal in a while, so let's have us a run at Pocket Full of Stars.  Make the girl jump by clicking on her and then her reflection will jump high and catch stars.  Get as many stars as you can, shooting star adds to your time.  Like a few of the Orisinal games of the past, you have to be fast with the Screen cap or else you'll miss your score so be careful!

This challenge ends Friday December 7th 2007 at midnight EST

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Fuzz wins! Next: Holiday gaming 2007
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Tuesday, 20 November 2007
Okay so that movie poll has been up way way too long.  Hot Fuzz won 4 to 2.  I personally didn't vote, I wanted to see Fuzz one more time before I weighed in, but having seen Transformers twice I think it's safe to say Fuzz is a less disappointing movie.  And Transformers was better than I thought it would be too!

For the next poll I am curious to see what gaming platform you think has the best line up this holiday season.  That's not to say that you like/want this console per say, but that the games themselves make for an impressive package.  I'm talking mostly about system exclusives, but if you want to weigh in the fact that there is no Wii version of games like Call of Duty 4 or Assassin's Creed, feel free.

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If you're not familiar with what's on the plate for all the systems this season, keep reading for a quick summary.
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Load times
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Tuesday, 20 November 2007
This was just for fun, but at work I  have a list of applications I pretty much launch the second I log in.  I tried clicking their shortcuts at close to the same time and then wanted to see which would load first. 

First of all the work machine is a Dell  Optiplex GX620 running an Intel Penium D 3.40 GHz with 2.00 GB of Ram.

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Art update: rHexes and a Druid
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Monday, 12 November 2007
New art in the Vergil Art gallery.  Watch out for a fight between Digital and Rayne and some rHex robots!  Why on earth would they team up?  Also I decided that if my Drow deserves a background on the site, so does my Druid from the summer, so Xiana Lianodel is now in both the gallery and the background rotation!  Check it!

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