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Temporarily fed up with WoW - 2006/10/19 13:27 World of Warcraft's end game is draining the life out of me.

I am sick of grinding.

I am sick of going to the same instances over and over again for one item which never drops.

I am sick of the honor system requireing me to make a certain honor total every week, weither I feel like PvPing that week or not, or else all my hard earned work goes away.

I am sick of the fact that so god damn much of my ability to be competative is based off being able to find gear that may or may not soul bind when picked up.

I am sick of people being forced to do things they did not make their character to do in order to get the runs through places they want.

I am sick of not being able to play with all of my friends because we're isolated on other servers or play a race on the other team.

I am sick of the fact that WoW's idea of PvP balance is giving people the ability to destroy other classes before that class can fight back at all (chain fear, freeze traps, stun locks, etc).

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, this doesn't mean I'm gonna stop playing WoW. I still have every intention of rushing Ludovictus and Tsurara to level 60 with Grace. I still have every intention of picking up and trying Burning Crusade. I still have every intention of going to Snakes on a Raid ZG every Wed. until I get a Zin'Rok. And I may still level up my Burning Legion Troll mage Ubatai from time to time.

What this does mean is that I have reason to believe I don't have to put up with the list of things I mentioned in Guild Wars. So, I want to try to actually get to the end of Prophaces for once and make my own opinion of the endgame there.

However my current Guild Wars characters bore me, so I've created a new E/R that I am rushing the desert with by the name of Aria Spellsong. As she catches up to Byron Fel and eventually Arial Helgahst, I plan to delete them due to the limiited character slots. I will keep Vergil Sanguine however, on the off chance that Grace and I ever play GW again, because it was fun questing around shooting stuff and trying to keep her E/Me self alive. Who knows, if this goes well enough I might actually try to put money aside for Factions (though I will be suprised if I get in any kind of hurry for Nightfall).

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Re:Temporarily fed up with WoW - 2006/10/20 15:07 Hey, it happens. We all get fed up with things. I've not finished Metroid: Prime and RE4 for those reasons (though I do plan to go back eventually).

If you want peeps to roll with, I'm up for it, as I'm sure all the rest of our GW players are. And honestly, I'm more excited for Nightfall than I ever was (or am) for Factions. If you want to get an expansion, I would wait, and most likely go for Nightfall. Talk to Cock if you want more details, but apparently Factions isn't all it's cracked up to be (I'm finding that out for myself currently). And it's not like you need to play through Factions to get the storyline behind Nightfall. In fact, I'm pretty sure you don't need any of the previous games to play the "expansions", since they're sort of designed to be their own stand-alone games.

But good luck playing! There are still missions that Nayth0r and I need to get bonuses on, so we're definitely up for adding real live people to your party to be able to get you through things. Just ask.
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Re:Temporarily fed up with WoW - 2006/10/20 15:40 I most certainly would not mind the help. While I can tell it can be done to get as far as I want to with Henchmen, it can be more frustrating that way. As it is I decided to roll with a party through The Frost Gate mission. I was fine until the very very end when my hencies would anger about 12 too many dwarves and we'd wipe on the very end of the dang mission. So after having that happen twice I rolled through it with a party that included what looked like a level 20 W/Mo from factions in this really sweet lookin' armor.

I made it to Lion's Arch with Aria Spellsong about an hour ago. Now level 13. I will probably delete Byron later today and transfer his assets to Aria.

As for the expansions, the reason I am interested in Factons at this point is for a few main reasons:

  • I was (and remain) unimpressed with the pvp options presented in Prophacies. This was in fact one of the main reasons I switched from GW to WoW was because the PvP was so much more diverse, flowing, and chaotic (and required being in a pvp focused guild much much less). Stienst2 was mentioning to me that he was trying out faction battles and they sounded a lot more like the kinda thing I might enjoy. Hard to say without trying it though, and paying $50 to just try it is a little iffy

  • Factions is more asthetically pleasing to me than Nightfall, in terms of setting, music, and character design. This should come as no suprise though with my tendancy to favor asian themes in things. Hell, I perfer the way Factions style characters look over Prophaces in most cases. (Prophacies Mesmers for the lose)

  • Finally, I had a lot more fun with the Assassin during the open test event than I did with the Dervish. The Paragon doesn't sound like I'd enjoy it that much either, but I didn't get much of a chance to try it out.

So while yes, I hear Nightfall's storyline mode is going to be tons and tons of fun, based off what little I know I think I might like Factions more. Still if you have information to the contrary of what I just said, I'd love to hear it.

As for asking for assistance, I haven't seen you guys on as of late and Stienst2 didn't answer my hails the other night. Should I be trying to get ahold of you by AIM then?

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Re:Temporarily fed up with WoW - 2006/10/20 18:24 And here I was just about to uninstall GW because I never saw anyone... I had boogied my W/Mo (13, now) to Frost Gate to help out Almasy and Company, and never saw any of them again...

I'm pretty much available always and at any time, if you'll let me know when... (::puppy eyes:: )

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Re:Temporarily fed up with WoW - 2006/10/20 23:09 I play fairly frequently, and I would be happy to go out of my way to help people with mission and quests and whatnot. AIM is probably the best way to get in contact with me and St00f if you want to play. Lara Grimnar and Elisel Mikio respectively.

That is all.

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