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Crimson Night Ending - 2007/12/17 11:32 This thread discusses the Content article: Crimson Night Ending

I know we're all busy right now what with the holidays, but I'd really like to deploy the next machvergil design as soon as possible. I feel like every day I leave this design up I'm violating best practices by publishing an unstable web experence and I'd really like to fix that.

That said its hard for me to whip up these machvergil designs since this is such a data and interaction heavy site, and mambo's code places limitations on how it will end up being displayed.

So if you could do me a favor and answer some of the following questions, even with some quick responses to help me get on the right track, I'd appreciate it.

  1. Overall how do you like Crimson Night? Would you rather see a fix of the same color scheme than something completely new?

  2. Links are not bold face in this design than they were in Emerald & Steel, which made them easier to read. They also didn't change color when you visited them. What are your opinions on that?

  3. As my artwork/comics are one of the more unique parts about the site I like to use them as an anchor to the design. Do you like the way Crimson night worked more full images into its design or prefer a more subtle approach?

  4. Finally do you have any other visual preferences or readability concerns you'd like to express for consideration with the next design?

Again no pressure but if you can spare me your thoughts it would be really helpful! Thanks!
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