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KILLSHIP flash edition - 2008/01/25 09:12 This thread discusses the Content article: KILLSHIP flash edition

Cute game! Took me a little bit to figure out how to play this morning, but I've never played games on my calculator -- I made geometric designs on the graphs for fun.
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Re:KILLSHIP flash edition - 2008/01/25 10:30 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

And you're right, I probably should write some instructions or something. I'll add that to the game's page when I get home but for now:

KILLSHIP flash edition Quick Start Guide
KILLSHIP is a turn based combat game where you are piloting a combat space craft against a mysterious enemy. You and the enemy take turns blasting each other with your various space-aged weapons.

The goal is to reduce your enemy's shields below zero before he can do the same to you. If you win, you can continue piloting that same Killship against a new foe, allowing you to keep your score. However if you continue, you also keep your current energy and shields, putting you at a disadvantage against a fresh, fully charged foe.

Using your attacks will reduce your ship's energy supply. Every turn your plasma core will restore 5 energy by itself. To gain more, use the Recharge command to restore energy, and some lost shields. As of this version of the game there is no cap on energy or shields. If your energy core ever runs out (zero or less energy) you will have to wait until you have energy to act again.
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Re:KILLSHIP flash edition - 2008/02/08 04:04 Knowing that it's an Alpha, questions for you:

1)Is your opponent supposed to be allowed to fire the "Big gun" with only 5 energy? ( Note: I do like how they're forced to regen after the fact when they hit - numbers)

2)The Plasma Detonator, nice...but when it hits, why does the opponent get to fire off if it saps their core?

(it's me of course that's the only gun I use until it fires and actually that percentage must be what teens?)

3) Where my BAT86 so I can haxxor it like I did in HS? =p chanting starts: 333333333---666666666--------00000000000000 NUUUKKKKEEE PUNCH!

still testing look forward to more fun random quips from me!
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Re:KILLSHIP flash edition - 2008/02/08 04:09 PS Boss mode after the 5th win would be awesome! Aside from that, eh it's close....won't beat the original tho =) (so far still enjoying it 3303 score so far)
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Re:KILLSHIP flash edition - 2008/02/08 09:53 Thank you for the feedback! Helps to make improving the game easier

Here are some answers:

1) Yes. Presently the enemy's AI is 100% random as opposed controlled by if-then arguments as it was in BAT86. At first I had the intention of changing that but it turns out I like how unpredictable the foe is.

According to old Killship, an error should be stopping you from entering a command you don't have energy for. However, as it plays right now I like the dynamic that the player and enemy can over-drain their core in a moment of desperation, but have to pay for it in the following turns. It adds a layer of depth, at least for me. What's your thoughts on that?

2) The enemy shouldn't be able to fire after having his core drained. I have yet to see that behavior in my own games. I'll double check to make sure I didn't miss it.

However, do keep in mind that just because you hit with the Plasma Detonator doesn't mean you drained his core. There's a 50% to hit with the weapon itself, but a hit will only do damage. Only if the weapon does 40 or more damage (and it's damage range is 30 to 50) does the enemy's core get drained. This means that there is only a 25% chance that the Plasma Detonator will drain the enemy's core when fired.

So if you're sure the enemy is firing when their Energy is 0 or less, then I have a bug on my hands to fix.

3) ...the dust settles... 46 damage to the enemy, 23 back-blast damage to you.

And in response to the boss mode suggestion, adding more enemies and scaling difficulty, maybe even including boss battles, are things I have been hoping to add to the game. Those are presently lower priority than figuring out how to plug into my database so I can keep a high score board, or maybe even plugging into Mambo/Joomla's user table so that we can create persistent progression (though the more I think about it, persistent progression may come with a later game). If I do go the high score table route over progression, then I will probably move then on to adding more enemies. If I go progression, then it'll have to wait until I have decided how to work that so that the enemies match the player's increasing powers.
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