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All have fallen before the World Eaters! - 2006/04/12 14:04 The tournament at Pastime Hobbies ended last Friday, and when the smoke cleared from the battlefield, only Chaos remained. The last game of the tournament was a large 3 vs. 4, 6500 point per side Chaos vs. Imperial game. I had 2500 points of my WE, my friend Brandon had 3K of Iron Warriors and a traitor Armoured ompany, and we had one of the new kids with 1K of Black Legion. Opposite us were 3 Space Marines of various flavors (Blood Angels and 2 other) and an I. Guard. We played a Bunker Assault as attackers. Chaos got the first turn, and my bikes, bloodthirster and B'harroth (Daemon Prince) got to assault on turn 1. Things took an immideate turn of the worse for the Imperials, as Brandon shelled their line, and Bob (Black Legion) and I worked down their line. Basically, we hit the right flank of the army with both mine and Bob's forces, I used his troops as ablative armour for mine, and Brandon cracked bunkers with seige specialist Obliterators. The one hairy part of the game was when the Daemonhunter Inquisitor showed up, and brought 3 Daemonhosts. These attacked the Havocs, so I ended up assaulting them with a Defiler, tying them up long enough to summon Bloodletters.
At the end of the battle, I emerged over 150 campaign points (6 Victorious Slaughter results) ahead of my nearest competition. This was of course, helped by the fact that I had only one draw, and no losses for the campaign.
Now I just need to design my trophy...
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Re:All have fallen before the World Eaters! - 2006/04/13 02:14 Congradulations!

To celebrate your victory, I had production rush the rest of your rHex order. I am sorry it took this long, but we were still setting up a few of our factories, so custom jobs were a little harder.

Your first units will resemble something like this rough prototype and should arrive to Horrothgar for distribution tomorrow. Expect the next shipment of units to have a more "Berzerker" look to them.

Again Congrads!

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