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Re:Dear Blizzard - 2006/04/20 12:57 The words "My Online RPG is better than yours" have never left my mouth, nor was it ever my goal to imply it. WoW is not for everyone and the expense to play it is highly prohibitive, both from a monthly fee and a system requirements standpoint. I just happen to like it more than current alternatives. Personal pref.

I just wish people would respect my desire to play it rather than assume that just becasue I play it, it is the only thing I play, and that it has consumed my soul. I do in fact play other games (as evident by me finishing the 30 hour long Kingdom Hearts 2 yesterday, or the fact that I finished all 3 Jak games in one semester) and I do not play it any more than I've played another MMORPG that I've ever had fun with.

What do I need to do in order to make the fact that I play and enjoy WoW something that can be respected instead of something that needs to be ridiculed at every opprotunity?
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Re:Dear Blizzard - 2006/04/21 19:47 I don't ever recall claiming Guild Wars was better. You stated some problems you were having, and I remarked that I was lucky I didn't have those. As you pointed out, even with GW you occasionally had problems -- I'm not saying it doesn't ever had problems, or that WoW is down all the time, or that people are stupid for playing WoW.
Steve pointed out that ArenaNet has taken steps to fix a problem it once had. I know Blizzard is trying real hard to keep their servers up. Every online game occasionally has issues, especially ones where they have millions of people trying to play at the same time.
I'm extremely apologetic if my comments in any way offended the people reading my posts -- twas not my intention. If anything, I was commenting on my fortunate luck of not really having to deal with those types of problems. Like I've said, I just have an overheating problem because my graphics card is sh!t. But the servers overall have been kind to me.
People, on the other hand...........
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Re:Dear Blizzard - 2006/04/23 23:34 Haha, now don't ye put some words in my mouth there brother. I sit back, and go look at the status events when I cant connect to me game and find out that temporarily XYZ port was blocked on the receiving end. To be honest, at least from this end, while still on the campus network it is important to remember the actual agreement you signed when you signed into the campus network. In other words it was to be used for 'academic purposes' While I'm sure you may know this, I have noticed from doing some random work for various things in reparing virus infections, and downloading legal bit torrent files, that at random ports close if traffic looks awkward. Hence again I pose the question. Is this a fact of the isp or your online game of choice blocking you temporarily due to service restricted to the pipeline. The question wasn't do you know when you get kicked, but more so thought about in depth, do you know why and if so, is it you or your ISP, or your Application. I mean we can start working on a highly technical level if you want. Yet, my thought is to actually look and see. Because I'll be honest, I don't know what MSU has for it's filtering software. I've heard it's been termed lighthouse from ppl who used to work with it, but no idea what packets it catches and filters. Also, not once did I dare claim one game is better than the other, nor did I insinuate that you said x game is better than y. However, I did annotate the fact that you did somewhat rub a dirty scheme on GW over WoW , when in reality, who cares lol it's a game and it's meant to be fun. Not to be defended or attacked. But perhaps you mistook my statement as an insult on you, however it wasn't intended as such more so as a way to think outside the box rather than just blaming one side or the other. Besides straight up and down fanboy wars are just moronic.

Also, I do wonder if the reason you may've felt that strain of people making an issue to point out that WoW is every time we see you, what is it that you do? I take in point, that if I wasn't disturbing you with the verbal communication that we had about MMO's earlier, then chances are, you probably would have wound up with your chair back to me playing WoW. Also, I mean com'on, nearly every discussion had around you has some sort of MMO inside level about it, or the topic around the lunch/dinner table, WoW. So you can see why you may feel some hostility against it, especially considering, a lot of others believed there was more to life than just an MMO, or a game. So just in case you disagree with me, which is your choice, you can understand why people dislike the game when all they here is blah blah blah wow,

While I understand and respect the fact that you are going into a level of a career revolving around technology, there's more to life than just that.

So straying from my point here. No I wasn't bashing you for playing a game you enjoy, and also no I wasn't bashing you for saying you don't know, I was more so just asking the question of do you really know?

So take it as you will. I'm done here and have said what I felt needed to be said,
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Re:Dear Blizzard - 2006/04/24 13:09 I'm not attempting to ridicule anyone's choice of MMORPG, rather I'm pointing out the.... lack of tact in a couple posts made in response to the thread. I'm not suggesting that this started as a "My Online RPG is better than yours" conversation, but it seems to have turned into one. Frankly, I don't give a damn what anyone else plays, though how many people play may affect my decision to pick up the game I've chosen. I don't profess to have an unbiased opinion, but I have played both games and I know which one is for me, at least which one is preferable to the other. I'm not going to bother mentioning which game I happen to like, nor do I expect anyone else to worry too much about it. Granted, there are those of you who know, but it isn't relevant to this conversation.

Frog King makes everything better. Not that you would know.
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Re:Dear Blizzard - 2006/04/24 14:41 Okay look. First of all if you guys did not have the goal to say that GW was better than WoW, then why did you suddenly take interest in taking the time to reply to a post that complains about it? Considering your tend of not to responding to anything else on this site other than the FGC, its hard to take claims that you respect my desire to play the game seriously.

Unless the game is not the issue, and the fact that I am playing it and not doing what you are doing is the heart of the issue.

If you look closely, nothing, and I mean nothing, about my behavior regarding WoW is any different to how I have reacted to PSO, Guild Wars, Starcraft, Priston Tale, Warhammer 40k, Dawn of War, Half Life, Kingdom Hearts, Dungeons & Dragons, Big Eyes Small Mouth, etc. etc. etc. When I enjoy a game, digital or otherwise, I talk about it. Alot. You all know this, you have all known this. Steinst2, having lived with me for two years, should know this best.

I have actually made an effort to not discuss WoW when I am not in the presence of another WoW player. When other WoW players begin the discussion though it is difficult to do. And when I'm at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the class before hand makes me not want to discuss anything serious. I won't get into that right now but trust me, that class really exhausts your patience.

Look if what you are trying to do is get me to do more stuff with you guys, this is not the way to do it. Inform me, either in person, over the phone, e-mail or IM, that you want to do something and maybe, just maybe, you'll find me willing to leave Azeroth to do it, like I would a been all along. I just never hear anything so I assume no one wants to do stuff so I might as well spend some time in Azeroth. Going through the trouble to arrange to do things and then bailing on me without explanation is not the method either.

I am closing this thread. Any further discussion of the issue on an online message board will not solve the deeper rooted problem at hand. I will add a new topic for OBJECTIVE discussion of MMORPGs if people want to talk about that, but this topic needs to be derailed before it gets worse.
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