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Re:Little sick of this - 2007/08/01 17:48 Yeah I think in an effort to prevent HTML from being inserted into the message boxes (Which, after the IT conference I attended today, I SO understand why you should NEVER enable HTML code for message board posts - more on that some other day), the part of the application that takes your ASCII post text and turns it into a .php post filters out " < " and " > ". Having not coded this message board software myself, I can't say for sure but that's my educated guess.

The duplicate posts were also deleted. Thanks for doing such a solid job of editing them so I could tell the fakes from the reals. Sometimes this thing just goes wonky with post replies... I blame the older versions of both the CMS and the forum software. I'll update... someday...

ANYWAY on to the topic at hand.

I don't recall what was said, but for some reason I remember a conversation with you where you more or less told me you were beginning an effort to stem the tide of elf over-population. I recall having a conversation with you, mostly about WoW I think, about the over-abundance of night elves and agreeing with you on many fronts.

That was before I rolled my own Night Elves. I recall that conversation left an impact on me that made me feel guilty of a social disease when I pressed "Accept" on Tanadel's character creation screen. I had no reason for her to be a night elf other than "I had not tried one yet," and based off our conversation, that didn't seem valid enough reason. Now I am sure this gut reaction was not something you intended from that talk anymore that B'harroth's ramblings about Khorne are any more likely to make me or Nayth0r buy a Chaos Army, but for some reason it did. Still when the subtle teasing and language being used reaches the point that you feel wrong for playing what you want to play, you might put words in the antagonizers' mouth.

Since then I have greatly enjoyed both Tanadel and Ludovictus and Night Elves have slowly climbed from my least favorite to most favorite of the alliance races. I can see all sorts of solid reasons to roll one beyond the "they look pretty" argument, and I've had to make these arguments repeatedly against members of the Dark Iron community who aggressively tried to get me to re-roll Ludo into a dwarven shadow priest, which was not what I wanted to play and for some reason, to them, that's not a good enough reason.

So I think what's gone on here is that, at least in the WoW community, there IS a large, and vocal, and sometimes aggressive, anti-elf population that seeks to belittle and discourage those of us who like to roll night elves because, well, we are and can be a somewhat nubbish bunch (as any over-populated group in a game as big as WoW will be - case in point the humans who are even more nubbish than the Night Elves are and more plentiful). And while there may be nothing wrong with night elves, there is nothing wrong with dwarves or gnome or draenei either, and better population balance does the faction community good. The problem here I think, Dominion, is that you got lumped in with these people somehow, and so their views, be they more extreme than your own, have now been reflected upon you unfairly.

So you're right - I can recall many talks where you re-iterated that you don't hate elves, you just think they are over-rated. I personally will make an effort to not put words in your mouth.

But don't be confused. B'harroth really does hate elves. Man I feel like I should link one of the Oxhorn movies...
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