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Tooth-man - 2005/07/27 12:58 *suddenly I can play the guitar! Strum a few bars!*


"Tooth-man, Tooth-man
Put away your drill
I don't have a cavity
I don't need a fill.

Tooth-man, Tooth-man
always gets his thrill
because he buys everything
off my rediculus bill.

Tooth-man, Tooth-man,
wants all my money.
Doesn't care its time to buy
a ring for my honey.

Tooth-man, Tooth-man
smiles all the time.
He buys his happiness
with the money he fines."

Honestly I like dentists. I thought of this song as my boss said she had to go to the Dentist, causing me to recall how much my dad dislikes them. Well, perhaps my dad doesn't dislike them so much as feels he should have been one. As far as he can tell, they get paid just as well as doctors, but they have to spend even less time directly with their patients.

In any case, this is probably why I don't write music. If you have any verses you'd like to tack on though, please do.

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