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Re:X-men 3 (Spoiler Discussion) - 2006/05/29 09:57 Hopefully this isn't too long (kind of copying and pasting from other locations with some slightly new stuff):

I had some problems with the movie. One, Cyclopse died... and I didn't care. Now, I'm not a big fan of him, but still it ruins the whole dueling personality thing with Wolverine and the whole love triangle thing with Jean. That and no one seemed to really give a crap that he was dead. I felt like they just killed him off so they could have the Wolverine and Jean love story thing going on. I felt like they could've killed him later in the movie so they could keep this thing going, it's part of the chemistry of X-men. Now, put this on top of killing Xavier (which doesn't bother me) and suddenly all form of leadership is gone from the X-men. If this was cartoon universe or comic universe, Storm could take this role, but I didn't feel any leadership from her at all in this one. They seemed to want to give this to Wolverine which is a terrible idea as he is supposed to be the lone wolf type guy, the rebel of the group. Also, Wolverine seemed to care far too much in this film, which once again isn't Wolverine. They seemed to want to play off the Wolverine and Jean love thing going, which to me doesn't feel right as that whole thing is supposed to be a love triangle struggle normally, once again bringing back that if they had kept Cyclopse longer and then killed him later it'd probably have a better feeling. They tried to focus on Wolverine far too much and in turn ruined his personality. That and while Wolverine has always been the more popular character, X-men's main story has never been about focusing on Wolverine. Take for example how they executed X-men 2. Was a large chunk of the story about Wolverine's past? Yes. But did they focus everything on him? No. They focused on all X-men and it felt more like how the X-men normally work.

Few other small things. They seemed to want to throw in too many other extra mutants to get some fanservice going. Some of the mutants were done well like Angel and Juggernaught and I enjoyed their presence in these films! But Kitty Pryde, Pyro, and Colossus all felt just thrown in for filler. They tried to make Pyro be Magneto's new right hand man after getting rid of Mystique which didn't work to me (felt like just another whiney angsty kid), Kitty Pryde suddenly being a member of the main X-men team kinda flew out of nowhere, she felt too young for it though they did a nice job of making use of her powers, and Colossus was there to throw Wolverine around really and not much else. Also, what is with Rogue getting her powers removed? I mean, yeah, Rogue has always wanted her powers gone so she can touch people, but that still just felt odd to me. Mostly because they were playing on the whole "You need to cope with your powers and learn to live with them," so while I'm happy Rogue finally gets to touch someone, it just felt wierd for her to make that decision after they were making such a huge deal throughout the movie on how mutants needed to learn to live with their powers. Now some might say, "Well this is the final movie! She should get that choice." Okay that's fine with me if it was the last movie but it certainly didn't feel like it. I mean them showing Magneto getting his powers back isn't the norm in saying "no more movies!" but I can let it go since, I mean, you gotta feel bad for the guy. At least I did, I've always loved Magneto as a villian and seeing him lose his powers made me sad (not in a hate the movie sense, I was just sad for him). If they want to show he'll get his powers back that I can let slide on the 'no more movies' take. But also throwing in after the credits "Xavier's still alive!" that was a definite wtf. If you're going to kill him, keep him dead. Don't go "Op, we killed him so X-men lose their father figure and what not" and then go "Since we got all this action out of the way, nope, he's really still alive! Now everyone's happy." PICK ONE. And don't just show him alive and no one else if you're not going to do future movies. For one, you don't explain how he's suddenly alive, so there's not even hints at how other people could've lived. Is Cyclopse alive then? How about these other random people Jean killed? No hints, just "Xaiver's alive! Be happy!"

Also, yeah, what happened to anti-mutant boy?

Another small thing that didn't really affect my opinion of the movie but is just an annoyance in general, CAN WE STOP WITH FREAKING POWER LEVELS OMGBBQWTFFTL. Seriously, I'm sick of universes where there's super powers and everyone going "Haha! You are a mere level 10 whilst I am power level 15! Prepare to lose!" Why can't they just make it so you know how to make better use of powers? Don't go calling around people's power levels to show how much you can WTFPWN them! Gah! Okay, it wasn't really a huge deal in this movie since they showed who can make better use of their powers against other mutants and I let Jean slide with being Dark Phoenix and all, but they didn't have to say what "level" mutant they are. They could've just left that out. It really pissed me off because I'm just sick of that term.

All in all I feel torn. Was it a good story? Yes, I was entertained, but at the sametime it just didn't feel like "X-men" to me. It certainly didn't have the same feel as the last two movies. I'm all up for alternate storylines (and I know you can't stay true to things completely with movie translations) but this just felt off to me. I think if they had done some plot sequences in a different order it would've worked out better and the feel of X-men would've still been there for me.
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