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Re:Sony fails at life - 2006/06/05 16:52 Sony's had a lot of different mediums they've tried to push on us (I can probably think of a half dozen off the top of my head that failed horribly), I don't think they really pushed the DVD medium on us so much as it became the next most convienent and useful medium. At least most convienent when DVD burners were made and DVD players became real cheap (or the PS2 was released =P). At least that's just my view.

The Blu-Ray's biggest problem I see is the fact that players are expensive and DVD's are pretty damn good as it is. That and it's too early I think. I mean, most people still have VHS players in their house and only up until the past few years have people really replaced their VHS collection with DVD's almost completely (at least in the case of older people). How are you gonna convince people to go ahead and get this new Blu-Ray player when DVD's are really pretty good already and older people have recently just got their old movie collections up to date on DVD's? As for storage, I find DVD's huge enough as it is. I find hard time trying to burn DVD's merely because I can't think of enough stuff to burn on them. Kind of a similar view of why I don't think 350-700 GB harddrives are neccesary on home computers. Then again, I don't have a massive mp3 collection like some people do (or pr0n collection in some cases XD) and those take up a lot of space after awhile. So, yeah, I just don't think it's time for a new medium to be introduced, but that's just me.

On another note, I still think Zip disks were useful from what I saw of them, I just don't think they pushed them hard enough. Though I'm not sure what time flashdrives started to come out because I'd say the instant those came out they were far more convienent then Zip drives. Zip drives were starting to get put into computers but once flashdrives were introduced it was kind of like "Get this new drive to use this new big storage disk? Or get a similiar sized storage device that can connect with something already put on the computer?" Though I don't know the time lines of those devices so I may in fact be wrong in my assumption.
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