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New Wii news weeee! - 2006/10/26 15:51 This thread discusses the Content article: New Wii news weeee!

It's been a while since I've started some controversy about this note so I figured what the heck.

So lets start by looking at the cost.

1) It's cheap. They hype has made it look like it'd be about 100 bucks or so, but 250, if we look at the long run of the nintendo series, they've run about 200 bucks or so. Now looking at the cost of living, and the cost the competition, 250 seems like a fair price, with most likely a generous price drop next christmas, I mean come on, you gotta admit a new console has the rubbing phase in which it's a total novelty. Look at the DS for an example at whar I'm talking about. Second off, you're right they're not shipping it with Mario Galaxy, instead, they're shipping it with Wii Sports. Something in which to get the console started and motivating other people to buy a wii. Looking at the past few consoles, mario has been slowly phasing out as a platformer for a multiplayer game, thus killing the interest in shipping it primarily. Right now, it's in Nintendo's best interest to keep him in the bag for a bit so right now they can get people hooked on the games most average gamers like to play (note avergae gamer to me relates to the teen to upper 20s). The Zelda series, the Metroid Series, and whatever mild yet amusing destructive game they can get their hands on. This will first sell Wii's to them getting it out to their friends. As for a more family oriented application, we then have all of the kid friendly games such as Wii Sports or Excite Truck, no to low violence, and teaches a good habit. Note the key fact here, these are all multiplayer games.

2) The goal of the Wii is to get everyone to play with others. I mean think about it, it's the reason why the console is called what it is.So the question is should they release a songle player Mario game, or should they release something that multiplayerable. We note that the last previous Mario games have been released as single player only since they're best off as second wave influx to get more people playing and keep them hooked. While i agree with you about the concept that the older consoles needed a mario game for launch, I think the wii is undergoing a transformation which will actually alter this strategy. So just a couple of cents on this one
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New Wii news weeee!
steinst2 2006/10/26 15:51
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Vergil 2006/10/26 16:06
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