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Written by Adam Robert Clegg   

MSU Office of Sustainability website

Another project developed with Michigan State University's Office of University Relations , this is the re-designed Office of Sustainability website .  The website focuses on spreading the message of the ways Michigan State University is helping to make our world a "Greener" place to live.  The site includes news items and focused stories on ways the office is making the campus more sustainable, as well as important research being conducted by University researchers.

The site itself has been developed entirely in MSU's Content Management System, Hannon Hill Cascade Server.  From the start we designed this project with an effort to  allowing the client maximum ability to update content on their own while not limiting the complexity of said content.  

For example, we wanted the "Stories" section of the site to be a big part of its content.  To that end, the content there is displayed in a few different ways.  The homepage shows 3 of the most recent stories as "featured" stories, and it chooses those stories at random when the homepage loads. On each of the story pages, a box on the right allows visitors to preview the content of the other 5 most recent stories to see if any of them interest them as well.  Finally, there is a "Read All Stories" link that shows visitors all stories ever posted, like an archive.

Rather than have each of these display methods having to be manually updated, the content producers need only create a new story.  As part of the system's process for creating the story, the user chooses a thumbnail and a sub-title for both the homepage and the right-box.  Once published, it is submitted as the most recent story and enters into the rotation for both the home page and the right box, bumping the last one down.   This is preformed by using a combination of Cascade Server's content management systems as well as some hand-written PHP code.

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