Rhapsody & Requiem

The original Rhapsody & Requiem was...


Written by: Adam Robert Clegg (Known Online as Vergil, Vergil09, Mach, or MachVergil)

Editing by: Almasy Marquis, MachVergil, Sprink, B'harroth

Originally Composed on: Ref Power, Ref Power 2, Favuworld, Favuworld 2.0


Disclaimer: This is a work of Fan Fiction.  By definition, there are several concepts included in this story that are not mine by origin. Unless otherwise stated here, all references to other works are copyright of their respective owners.  Since I am making no money of this venture, it is perfectly legal for me to reference them in this setting.


The word, art, and concept of Favu is © Adam Robert Clegg 1999 – 2007

The Concept and word Makei is also © Adam Robert Clegg 1999 – 2007.


As for other copyrights, here it is in brief:

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