Freelance and Creative


The Meaning of Freelance

A broad definition of what it means to be a freelance writer is having someone who works independently and submits pieces of writing to different companies or businesses for publication.  Freelance writers are paid per piece of work, which sometimes is a flat rate or can also be based on the number of words written.  Freelance writing provides a great deal of flexibility and adaptability, but also requires strong motivation and dedication to achieve the final goal of publication. Many freelancers eventually become consultants for other enterprising writers, running workshops or starting their own companies. 

A fine and very challenging aspect of freelancing is its flexibility.  For starters, there are freelance opportunities for almost any professional writing job that you see on this website, from technical writing to fiction.   There is always a demand for professional writers who freelance, whether it is full time or as a supplemental income.  With this variety comes the freedom to work on projects that you are truly interested in, the chance for a dynamic and versatile career, and a myriad of professional connections in the publishing world and beyond. 

In recent years, the internet has facilitated the development of an extensive online community of writers and potential clients; freelancers can find work across the country while living wherever they want and even choosing their own hours.  It also allows freelancers to put their work on display for potential clients or employers to see.  For those who are unsure of the specific field of writing they would like to dedicate themselves to but are ultimately looking for a permanent job or even those in between jobs, freelancing can be a great way to build experience in a number of areas and even a jumping off point to a permanent position with a company.  For writers who prefer more flexibility and are willing to work hard on their own, freelancing can provide as little or as much income, experience and opportunity as one desires.

It is important to point out that there are far more possibilities for freelance writers than those focusing on the creative field.   Technical and digital writers have a vast market place as freelancers.   Beginning level classes, as well as instructors and advisors, can help track students through courses and into fields they are most suited for.   Here at Michigan State University, there is a direct correlation to this freelance writing field in its curriculum.   State offers many courses, especially under its English, Journalism, and Professional Writing programs, that further one's knowledge and comprehension of writing in general. These courses can be as broad as some WRA courses, like Intro to Professional Writing or Web Authoring , or something very specific, like having the English department offer Screenwriting or Advanced Poetry Writing .   The possibilities are wide and can eventually take you into countless fields of work, which makes Freelance Writing more valuable than some might think.