The Spoils of War Rules
    Warfare comes with both prizes and punishments.  XNM recognizes this and made these additions to the Rule set originally established. Read these rules once and forget about them unless you plan to become an offender.  This is a long read that exists for the sake of having a rule structure to the Clan.  Clan Leader Vergil recomeds you save this page to your hard drive so you can read it when you are board, or not waisting internet time... but still read them.

On How to Achieve a New Rank:
Rank is determined by the following points.
    -Those who joined the clan early gained free high ranks.
    -Your record is what determines your entrance rank.
    -You defeated a member of a higher rank in a Challenge of Position.
A trial of Position is a two player Melee game between a person trying to achieve a higher rank, and the one defending his or her position.  The games don't have to occur on, or even the Internet period.  They do however, have to be one-on-one duels in Melee mode on a Blizzard Approved map (we recommend the fitting map (2)Challenger.scm in the original Starcraft).
    If the Defender wins the battle, the Challenger retains his/her present rank with an additional loss.  If the Challenger wins, the Defender is demoted to the lowest member of that rank, and the Challenger is promoted to just one position above.
    Challenges don't have to be done in a stepwise manner. If a Grunt wishes to be a High Commander, he can challenge the lowest member of that rank.  The only exception is challenging the Clan Leader.  This cannot be done unless the Challenger is a High Commander, and has discussed it with the clan leader.
    To challenge a rank, write an E-mail to both the person you are challenging and the Clan Leader.   Set a time and date for the game and receive the Clan Leader's approval (the clan Leader should have no reason to refuse).  If the Defender refuses challenge, or fails to respond one week after the E-mail is sent, the Clan Leader will immediately promote the challenger and demote the Defender.

On Challenging the Clan Leader:
    Unlike the other ranks, Clan Leader is not a Challengeable rank.  He who wishes to become a clan leader must be ready to take on the responsiblities of maintaining the clan web site and records, be in charge of recruiting, and be willing to follow the Original rule set to the word.  Only then, with the present Clan Leader's permission, can a player challenge to become absolute Clan Leader.  If the player achives victory, the present clan leader stands down to the highest slot on the High Commander list.  That player can then be challenged and demoted normally.

On becoming a Clan General:
    While the rank of Clan Leader is unachievable without the Clan Leader's permission, and requires the responsibility of the XNM web site, there are position that a member can attain with some of the power of being clan leader.  These are Clan General, members who have challenged the Clan Leader and want some responceablities for the Clan.  The following positions are possible with the defeat or haveing an impresive preformance against the Clan Leader and with the Clan Leader's permission:
Clan Recruiter: After defeating the Clan Leader, this person is charge of recruiting new members by e-mail, and making a daily post on the Clan Central forum on
Clan Ambassator: After defeating the Clan Leader, this person is responsible for maintaining contact with other clans who communicate with XNM. (You still must adhere the rule regarding what you can't do without Clan Leader permission)
Clan Information Agent: Upon the defeat of the Clan Leader, this member is responsible for searching out new links, web sites, or general information involving Starcraft or XNM that would be important to the Clan, and report them to the Clan Leader.
Clan Infiltrator: In the event of war, this member maybe called to infiltrate the ranks of a clan or check their page for any valuable information.  By decree of Vergil, this position will only be filled in dire circumstance and with 2/3 of all member's approval.  Hacking is not allowed by this position.
Clan Web site Manager: This job is usually reserved to only the Clan Leader, but if for some reason the Clan Leader is unable to do this, someone may challenge the Clan Leader to perform this taxing task. This person is now responsible for updating member's records, what's up, and keep the page up to date with what's going on.
(note: all Clan Generals must have an active connection to the Internet)

On Crime and Punishment:
    Yes, many of these rules are red tape, and there is variance allowed as long as there is not the phrase "must" or a similar phrase is in place.  However, we need order in this clan, so some of the most important rules must be observed. To ensure this, the Clan Leader has created the following Crime and Punishment system.
Petty Stupidity (Level 1 crime):
Crime: This includes a slightly insulting comment to a clan member or ally, or forgetting to follow a minor rule, like reporting a battle. Missing a clan meeting for your first time without informing clan leader.
Punishment: A warning from the Clan Leader, or lower of Position in a rank, but not full demotion.  Constant offenders suffer higher crimes.
Action of Annoyance (Level 2 crime):
Crime: Not attending a clan meeting without a reason for the second time. Tring to do non harmful, but negative actions to a member, like sending lots of spawn mail to him/her because of some petty reason.  Also includes challenging someone to a Trial of Position more than twice a week. 
Punishment: A warning from the Clan Leader plus lowering of a position. Third time offenders are considered are Punishable by Death.
Punishable by Death (Level 3 crime):
Crime: An incriminating insult, like the kind stated as forbidden in the original ruleset, allying with a clan we are at war with, lying about a battle, using a Hack to improve your record or for another reason. Missing a clan meeting for the fourth time without a reason. 5 Petty Stupidities equals a Punishable by Death.  3 Actions of Annoyance is also equal to Punishable by Death.
Punishment: Demotion to the lowest position of the next lowest rank.  Open to challenge from all players.  May have to face a Trial Grievance for crimes.
Extreme situation result in Summary Execution, a.k.a, Removal from the clan.
Treason! Kill Him! [a.k.a. excommunication] (Level 4 crime):
Crime: Imposing the Clan Leader, allying with someone on the hit list or an enemy clan to defeat a member or members of XNM, giving secret information to another clan, Using a Hack or E-mail virus against Clan Leader, separating your Squad form XNM without permission or word from the Clan Leader, or other actions that could count as Treason to the Clan Leader or the Clan. 2 Punishable by Deaths is equal to Treason! Kill Him!
Punishment: Unless a 3/4 vote from the High Commanders or Clan Generals vetoes it, the offender is removed from the Clan.  Joining again is not allowed at that point.
Curse of the Xel'Naga Mercenaries [a.k.a. Interdict] (Level 5 crime):
Crime: Commiting a Treason and/or quitting XNM while sending any sort curse at the Clan Leader or any member of the Clan (includes Hacks or E-mail bombs). If a person who committed Treason was saved by the High Commanders, a second act of Treason results in unconditional receiving of the Curse of the Xel'Naga Mercenaries.
Punishment: The offenders, whether it be a single person, a group, a whole squad, or even an entire Clan, are removed preeminently from the Xel' Naga Mercenaries, and the whole group is added to the Hit List.  MEMBERS OF XNM, DESTROY ALL PLAYERS WHO HAVE MADE THE HIT LIST AFTER RECEIVING THE CURSE OF THE XEL'NAGA.

ON Trials of Grievance (don't sue me Fasa!)
In the event of a person committing an offense requiring a Trial of Grievance, the following occurs. They will receive an E-mail notifying that they have committed a Grievance against the clan. The player may not play on or any other internet server until the Trial is served. Failure to follow this results in an act Punishable by Death.
    The trial occurs as follows.  The Clan Leader will pick two players in XNM or it's allies and one player of the Offender's choice.  Once those players then e-mail the Clan Leader to accept the duty of punishing a member, a three on one game occurs, one player playing each race against the race of the offender's choice.  Those players are allied against the offender. If any of the original requested players refuse, more will be asked until three is found.  The Clan Leader reserves the right to  participate in a Trail of Grievance.
    If the player is defeated, they are demoted one whole rank for the level of the crime committed, and must add one loss for each player still alive by his/her defeat.  If the player wins the trial, than the offender suffers no punishments and receives on victory for each player he defeated.  These victories cannot be used for promotion. If the Clan Leader participates and is defeated, the offender gets a bonus victory on their clan record on top of any other they would receive.  The losers of a trial of grievance do not suffer a loss in their Clan record unless they are the offender.

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