This is a list of the members of the Xel 'Naga Mercenaries clan.  It is here that you can find the names and win loss records of your comrades in arms. Below are the callsigns, win/loss records, best race, and, ICQ#s of the mercenaries.  You know you have been successfully added to our roster if your callsign appears here. 

In response to the overwhelmingly successful efforts of your new clan recruiter, [xnm]Xtreme and [nm)The_Void, I have been forced to re-make the roster according to the  new added members. Now the roster is divided into groups by race or squad. The Clan leader and his generals still appear here. 
 *=May include games not played on (i.e. Kali, or Modem).  

Clan members, by best race, or squad.
The command Wing... 

Clan Leader: (XNM)Vergil 
 In charge of managing web site, adding new members, scheduling and running meetings, and keeping with the chain of command of XNM, is your reigning Clan Leader, Vergil.   

Time Zone
Best Race
Record (SC:BW)
[xnm]Vergil Yes Eastern Any 12234570 19/12/7*  (8/6/1:8/4/6)
Clan Generals 
For those times when running the clan becomes too much for one man to handle, there are the clan Generals to assist him. While the generals do not have any added say power than High commanders,  but they have representative power and the trust of the clan leader in important affairs.  To become a clan generals, you must be willing to contributes as much toward that department of clan management that the clan leader did. 
For info on becoming a clan general, or clan General options, see the spoils of war ruleset. 
Time Zone
Best Race
Record (SC:BW)
[xnm]Xtreme Clan Recruiter Yes Singapore 6/3

Clan Ranking

Below is a list of rankings for the members of the Xel' Naga Mercenaries. These ranks are established through records, or services rendered to the clan. So if someone appears to have a higher rank than you, with a worse record, they may have done something to help out around here to put them there. 
The High Commanders: 
     Those who achieve a great record (25+wins), or who have a 10 or more wins record on Ladder games, achieve the status of High Commander.  This is the Highest rank that you can achieve in the XNM without signing up as a Clan General (for info, contact Vergil via E-mail).  

The High commanders are: 

The Elite Guard: 
Those XNM members who can achieve a win record where they have 20 wins , or who have a winning ladder record, are the Elite Guard.  

The Elite Guard now include: 

The Veterans 
No matter what the record, if you are contenting in the competitive field of ladder gaming, or have a 10 win record with the clan,  you reach the status of Veteran.  You represent the very sprit of XNM, and are wished the best of luck in giving those who oppose you all you got!   
The Veterans are: 
The Missionaries 
Those who prove themselves as true warriors on B.Net Achieve the rank of Missionary.  These officers have winning records of 5 games at least.  These player are probably not hard-core internet players, but should still be respected.  

Those who ar Missionaries are: 


The Grunts:  
     The Grunts are the newbies to Starcraft who join the Xel 'Naga Mercenaries, hoping to learn from its commanders.  Once these few make it past this stage, they join the ranks of the Veterans.  

Our once large group of Grunts include: 

NOTE TO ALL MEMBERS!  The ranking system of this clan is here just for fun.  This is not a military regime, and it will not be run like one.  Those of the High commanders are no better people than the commanders, nor are the leaders any greater people than the grunts.  This is not a boot camp, so no "drop and give me 20!" stuff.   

For information on achieving a new rank, check out the spoils of war ruleset.  
Spoils of War ruleset

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