XNM Clan History
    Long ago, on the terran colonial planet of Chau Sara, a war of epic proportions was about to begin. The ravenous forces of the Zerg launched their first assault on the Terrans, and the Protoss would incinerate the planet shortly after the Terrans fall.  The Terrans are indeed a resourceful race however.  The Chau Saran Confederate Magistrate Vergil was away from the planet on a scouting assignment at the time.  He returned to see his planet destroyed.  In anguish, he and the remaining Chau Sarans began a raiding army for survival.  In time they joined up with other mercenary armies and resistance groups for beneficial survival.
    Then they came across a discovery.  A Xel' Nagan temple was found by one of the groups in search of more resources.  The best minds of the militia got together to try and translate the workings and teaching of the race of genetic engineers and learned of the creation of the Protoss and the Zerg.  Deciding that they must begin an action to unify the races, the forces, now calling themselves the Xel 'Nagan Missionaries began their quest to unify with a Protoss force and a Zerg force.
    It was then that the famous bandit, Alan Schezar, had come up with a way to take over the mind of a cerebrate.  He wished to then it for his own personal gain.  However, he lacked the necessary to funds and men to begin his operation.  In exchange for this knowledge, the Missionaries lent him the necessary units and minerals.  We used this technique to take over a cerebrate located on the planet Le 'Zan.  The cerebrate was named Azurel by the Missionaries.  His loyal Zerg forces began reinforcing the missionaries in our attempts to evade the Dominion.
    Everything was going smoothly, until a new problem arose.  The Protoss Praetor Kmeish and his executor decided that our new Zerg ally made us big threat to the continuation of Auir.  By this point, the Overmind was just destroyed, but this splinter group of Protoss proved to be a match for our forces.  It was thanks to the Ion Cannon we stole from the Confederacy before they were destroyed that were able to persuade the Protoss force to join us.
    Now seen as traitors to all of our own people, we have to fend for ourselves in this universe while trying to spread our beliefs of our combined power.  With the UED a constant threat, the new Zerg Overmind bent on retaking Azurel, and the Protoss Dark Templar forces needing to root our traitors, our enemies our legion.  However, many groups in opposition to the above militaries often ask for our militant support.
    Just like before, we will succeed to exist and continue the legacy of the Xel' Naga as the Xel' Naga Mercenaries!
- Clan Leader Vergil

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